When do drops happen?

Drops always happen on a Friday at 6pm Central time ! Please check your states time to see what time the shop opens ! 

Where is the rest of the stuff?

If the shop is OPEN after a drop/restock. I sometimes keep the shop open with only the items that are ready to ship out within 2-4 business days. Items like embroidery clothing will be hidden instill i catch up on orders or the next restock !

Most of the time if the shop is closed it's due to an update, new drop or I have maxed out on orders and need to catch up before I am able to take anymore orders. I am only one person and I am only able to handle so much. My shop sells out quick so it's best to follow my Instagram @Sora.Unlimited for more up to date information regarding the shop reopening!  Shop is open from the Friday a new drop or restock happens and runs till Sunday night and closes, there will be times My shop sells out/ Maxes out within 1 hour ! 

My item came broken what do I do?

Please Go to USPS or  UPS and file a claim. If you're unable to do that then please  Email us at unlimitedthreadworks@gmail.com with your ( Order number, 7 pictures of the packing from all angles so that we may hold the carrier responsible for the damage. This process is lengthy so please give us at least 2-5 business days to settle the matter with them to replace your item !

How long does shipping take? Why is it taking so long?

Most of my shop is MTO which means MADE TO ORDER, So a lot of the items in my shop are not ready to ship and need to be made before shipping out. So please give at leas the most 1-4 weeks for your item to be ready to ship. Keep in mind if your placing an order for an event to keep my processing time frame in mind ! This is a one person small business and it is only one person.